🔮 The Future of this Newsletter

We're trying something ✨ new ✨...

An Update on this Newsletter…

15+ issues and 3,500+ subscribers in, the past few months of this newsletter have been a blast — but today’s update looks a little different…

We are going to move away from the weekly newsletter issues and transition to sending out quarterly reports covering the world of independent work. By making this transition, we plan to focus on providing you with the highest quality content possible, without inundating your inbox.

Topics we might examine in these quarterly updates include:

  • Industry deep dives (What is the lay of the land for cooking gigs? Creative work? Fashion side hustles?)

  • Tax guides and financial resources for side hustles

  • Handbooks on how to approach all aspects (education, monetization, growth, etc.) of different types of independent work (resellers, freelancers, creators, gig workers, etc.)

What topics do you want us to cover? What’s on your mind that you’d want a deeper dive into? Please let us know either in the comments of this post or by responding to this email.

You don’t have to worry about doing anything new to get access to these updates — they’ll be delivered directly to your inbox. And for new side hustle opportunities, you can always refer back to our website, which we will continue updating regularly!

With ❤️,

The Side Hustle Stack Team