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Plus, new opportunities to earn in gaming, teaching, rentals, and content creation

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🥞 Double Stacked: Our favorite creative work resources

The Creative Independent by Brandon Stosuy

“The Creative Independent (TCI) is a growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people…We produce interviews, wisdom, and guides that illuminate the trials and tribulations of living a creative life, as told by working artists—including writers, musicians, designers, visual artists, and others. Our goal is to feed and grow the community of people who create.”

creator library by One Day Entertainment

“a non-comprehensive compilation of free resources from across the web to help creators with all the nuances related to running a successful creator business. we hope it will help take aspiring creators from 0 → 1 and existing creators from 1 → 10.”

Passion Economy Stack by Mika Reyes & Zack Khan

“The largest collection of passion economy resources... empowering anyone to monetize their unique skills.”

⭐ Featured Platforms

🔴 Onyx

Monetize livestreams through app install sponsorships.

🔧 You are a Twitch livestreamer with at least 2,000 followers.

💰 Average Earnings: $50/hour, $500/month

🔑  Studiotime

Rent your studio on the largest online community for renting music studios.

🔧 You are someone with a studio to rent.

💰 Average Earnings: $25/hour, $500/month

✨ Fanhouse

Offer a subscription for your Finsta-like content.

🔧 You are someone with a mobile phone and a magnetic personality.

💰 Average Earnings: $500/month

📚 6crickets Inc.

Teach K12 enrichment classes on any topic to students.

🔧 You are someone with experience and passion for teaching children.

💰 Average Earnings: No data

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