📕Hustle History: The past of pastimes 

In 2021, turning hobbies into side hustles has gone mainstream. But the concept of hobbies is newer than many realize.

The Past of Pastimes

In 2021, turning hobbies into side hustles has gone mainstream. But the concept of hobbies is newer than many realize. For much of ancient history, leisure time was scarce, and people-focused most of their energy on survival. During the Renaissance, with the advent of the printing press and higher living standards, reading, music, and games became popular — but only for the rich.

It was with the Industrial Revolution and the newly established segregation between work and home life, that hobbies went mainstream. Then, during the Great Depression, hobbies became further integrated into the public sphere and first became, for many, a critical way of making ends meet. By the mid-1900s, a slew of businesses built on the commercialization of hobbies began to emerge (think baseball card trading and train-building).

Today, the monetization of unique talents, interests, and skills can be found in nearly every industry. Though the internet has long been trending in this direction, the pandemic played a critical role in its acceleration: extra free time at home meant a restored public interest in forgotten hobbies and pastimes (like baking banana bread), while unexpected economic distress forced many to search for additional income sources. Now, the question is: where will hobbies take us next?

⭐ Featured Platforms

🎵 Jam

Use Jam audio rooms to organize events, meetups, conferences, workshops and charge for access or related materials.

🔧 You are an audio content creator.

💰 Average Earnings: No $ data, 100 current earners

🥇 Skillful

Provide mentees with career guidance while leveling up your own people-manager skillset, growing your network, and earning a great side-hustle.

🔧 You are 3-8 years into your career and have at least 1.5 years of experience in a business role at a top tech company.

💰 Average Earnings: $1,000/month

✨ Ownnit

Share your knowledge, or offer a service through 1-on-1 video calls!

🔧 You are someone with information to share: whether it's Q&A sessions, advice, cooking classes, expert opinions, psychic readings, or something else.

💰 Average Earnings: $100/hour, $1,500/month

🗻 Venku

Earn income by hosting guests for hunting, fishing, and other rustic adventures.

🔧 You are someone with adventurous experiences to offer.

💰 Average Earnings: No $ data, 500 earners

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