Imagine if Socrates ran a tutoring business and Plato streamed on Twitch...

Plus, opportunities in fitness, hospitality, rentals and senior care

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💭 Famous Philosophers’ Side Hustles

Are you Thoreau with an off-the-grid Airbnb, Plato live-streaming excerpts from “The Republic” on Twitch, Socrates the tutor, or Patreon-sponsored podcaster Marx? This New Yorker satire piece hilariously pairs philosophers of the past with 21st Century side hustles.

🙄 Side Hustle Taxes

Ew, taxes. We get it, no fun — especially when you throw a side hustle into the mix.

The good news is that if you’re reading this, you still have more than enough time to get everything sorted and in order before Tax Day (April 15th).

To help out, we’ll be throwing some tax tips into the newsletter.

When Do I Have to Tell the Government About My Side Hustle?

  • Once you earn $400 or more, you technically do have to file (even though you might not yet owe taxes)

  • Websites like Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram will issue a 1099-K for sellers with 200+ transactions or >$20K in gross payment volume

Should I set up my side hustle as an official business?

  • There’s no hard and fast rule for if and when you should file as an LLC or S-corp

  • The benefit to filing as an LLC is that you receive personal liability protection but this might mean added filing fees and self-employment tax in the process

  • You should pay attention to registering your business at the state, county, and city levels

Check out this article from Vice with more info.

⭐ Featured Platforms

🍴 Qwick

Get connected to on-demand service industry positions such as food and beverage shifts in real-time.

🔧 You are someone with prior experience in the food & beverage industry

💰 Average Earnings: ~$18.57 per hour

🔑  Outdoorsy

Rent out your RV, trailer, campervan, tent on a car, etc. to others!

🔧 You are someone with an RV, trailer, campervan, etc.

💰 Average Earnings: $2,000/month

🏥 Papa

Provide companionship and assistance (car rides, tech lessons) to senior citizens.

🔧 You are ideally a current college student, though the opportunity is open to anyone!

💰 Average Earnings: Earn up to $15/hour.

💪 Superset

Create your own fitness app and offer amazing online workout programs, challenges, and monthly memberships. Zero coding or design experience required.

🔧 You are someone with fitness instruction experience.

💰 Average Earnings: No data

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